Hello, Nation.

Back… and gone again.

We got back from Korea in one piece.  It was fun.  A few pics here.

And now I’m in the UK for two days, then it’s off to Spain, then France, Italy and Germany before heading home.

I basically live off of Red Bull and Ambien at this point.Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Anywho, the point of this trip is basically to reintroduce WAR to the European press. Obviously, we’ll be touching on the new stuff we’ve added and upcoming content, but I intend to focus most of my time talking about the changes we’ve been making (and will make) to the Live game since launch. New, sexy stuff is fun to talk about, but at the end of the day we need to make sure folks know we hear their comments and are, in fact, working hard to improve them game continuously.

Hopefully, some folks in the press will take that part of my presentations to heart, but ya never know.

Off to Korea!

In short order, Barnett and I take to the skies for the 15 hour flight out to Seoul.  Adventures may very well ensue. Or we may get soju poisoning.  Regardless, WAR waits for no man’s jet-lag.

Back from Russia.

It was a crazy trip.  As a child of the Reagan/Thatcher Era, being an American in Moscow feels deeply strange.  It’s a truly unique city, with numerous and often befuddling quirks.  Paul, Bob and I had a good time overall (though losing my luggage initially was a bit stressful).  Here are some pictures from the trip (the rest can be found here): 

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WAR comes to Russia.

Barnett and I are off to Moscow for the Igro Mir show.  Hopefully, neither of us will get lost or arrested – barring that, hopefully only ONE of us will.

Hickman tried to convince us that saying (phonetically, of course) “gloop cock poop” means something adorable about a child.  I am not certain I am willing to test it personally.

If you’re in the US, remember to vote tomorrow.  I had to sit in line for three hours on Friday to cast my ballot, so no whining from any of you.


Scatter-shot updates:

That is all.

BigCast Pax ’08 – with Jeff/Paul/Josh

Jeff, Paul and I  did a podcast with the guys from Joystiq/Big Download at PAX.  It was late in the day, we were all still on Leipzig time (nine hours ahead of Seattle), we hadn’t eaten and then our heroic PR handler Chris brought us bourbon, so we were all a bit… um… surly.  We don’t talk much Warhammer at all, but we DO mock each other relentlessly, brag about our Olde School arcade skills, rant about Germany, bemoan the state of things in the world of gaming shows and delve into such sensitive subjects as girl gaming and the quality of Bacon Salt.  And we spew profanity randomly.

As such:

NSFW Warning: Naughty language within.

So if you’re looking for 50 minutes of bourbon-fueled rage, this is the podcast for you!  As always, leave comments on the host-site so they know we’re famous and that you love us a lot.

Also, regarding the Bacon Salt thing, we were handed little packets on our way our of the show that night and they were filled with .  I became fixated with the near-poetic labeling on the back of the package.  So, that’s what you keep hearing me read at random times.

An urgent request.

I need you all to go and read The Hickman’s PAX blog over at Ten Ton Hammer. I need you to do it tomorrow and Sunday as well. Despite my arguments to the contrary, Jeff doesn’t think you love him because not enough people are reading the blog thus far.

Extra credit: Post comments for him too!

Please, do it for The Hickman.

Off to PAX.

This is it – our last major US show prior to launch. I get on a flight with Paul and The Hickman in a few hours, then its off to Seattle. I’ve never been to PAX before, so I’m excited about getting a chance to be there showing off WAR one last time before we unleash it on the general public. As always with consumer shows, we’ve got the traveling booth with us, so come on by and enjoy some RvR action!

I’ll see you guys at the show!

Now THAT is a Witch Hunter.

This impressive fellow is a HUUUUGE fan who made the absolute most bad-ass Witch Hunter outfit Ive EVER seen. Ill post more shots later, but trust me the detail and skill of the crafting was astonishing. Its a nearly perfect rendition of the concept art from the game, down to purity seals, real steel breast-plate, spiked metal boot-tips, taggers, holy oils and guns, guns, guns. And the HAT.

I thought The Hickman was going to try and kidnap the guy.

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