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The End of an Era

As of this morning, the first studio I worked for – Mythic Entertainment – has been closed.   There will be plenty of poorly-informed theorizing about “what happened” in comment threads and snarky forums elsewhere, so I’m going to ignore that

Second Chance Heroes has (finally) launched!

Second Chance Heroes (aka “That Thing I Was Doing in Alabama”) has finally launched!  For iOS devices, at least. The Mac/PC version continues to wallow in the unmitigated awfulness of the Steam Greenlight process, where it’s been stuck for nearly

WAR is (still) Everywhere

The tagline “WAR is Everywhere” was part of the top-level marketing shtick we used during the development of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. It was supposed to indicate that the game would be – above all else – about a

WAR’s End

Today is the 5th anniversary of the launch of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. Never lacking a flair for the dramatic, moments ago Mythic announced that WAR will be shutting down on December 18th of this year. It’s been years

What the Video Game Industry Needs to Learn from the Comics Industry of the 1950s

This is long. I’d normally apologize, but I feel like it’s all very important to say. While it takes quite a while, I promise it gets around to video games eventually. In the early 1950s, comics were a HUUUUGE business.

It is Fear, O Little Developer, it is Fear!

“Ere the Moon has climbed the mountain, ere the rocks are ribbed with light, When the downward-dipping tails are dank and drear; Comes a breathing hard behind thee, snuffle-snuffle through the night– It is Fear, O Little Hunter, it is

Hail to the chief, he’s the chief, so let’s get… um… hailing.

So… what am I up to these days BESIDES working on [SECRET], which is a [SECRET]-style game about [SECRET] set in a [SECRET]? Why, I’m running for President, that’s what! I assure you, this is only PARTLY a shameless act

Community Manager Appreciation Day

So… I missed Community Manager Appreciation Day by a day this year. In my defense, I don’t currently HAVE a Community Manager keeping track of me (though I will soon enough!), but that doesn’t REALLY forgive the oversight. With that

On health care and creativity.

Here’s a fact: Fans of video games aren’t getting the best, most creative work from our industry because the American health care system sucks.

Lead Level Designer wanted.

Do you kick ass? Specifically, do you kick ass as a level designer/world builder? Even MORE specifically, do you kick ass as an MMO/RPG level designer? Then we’re looking for you! Folks I know/who know me: Feel free to ping