Five years of WHAT?

A bunch of folks have picked up the recent blurb that posted from our conference call last week and there seems to be some confusion on what, exactly, was being said there. The confusion seems to be the result of the use of the term “content” in the actual link-label, as the article itself seems pretty straightforward to me.

Nevertheless, plenty of folks seem to think I was saying that we’ve built half a decade’s worth of excess content (art, quests, additional geography, etc.). Obviously, we haven’t developed five years worth of CONTENT for WAR at the moment. We’ll do that over the next five years (and then beyond!).

The quoted answer was a response to a question about balance – specifically, the boring under-the-hood stuff like experience curves, level progression, etc. that are critical to the game but that are super-dull to read about. Our designers really DO have projections in place for that side of things that lead us well into the future of WAR.

So feel free to correct anybody you see out there in Internetland who’s been confused by the article.


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  2. Keen on May 10th, 2008 1:06 pm

    I figured that’s exactly what you meant Josh. The article’s title was very misleading.

    The math, mechanics, formulas or whatever are all there for WAR to scale/grow/progress smoothly into the future (5 years or more). That’s how I took it.

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