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Heads up, you readerish types – this months issue of Massive Gamer is chocked full of WAR.

Theyre a fairly new publication put together by a great, energetic team thats always fun to talk to. So, if you havent checked them out yet, nows a great time to start!
Added bonus: They have possibly the handsome-ist picture of the Hickman thats ever been printed.

Jeff and Josh on TTH.

Jeff and I chatted with the Ten Ton Hammer crew earlier this week.  You can – nay, MUST! – check it out here.

As always, Bacon Salt is a primary focus of the discussion. 

WAR on G4

We’re on the MMO Report!  


Evil Avatar Radio.

I called in last night to talk to the EAR crew.  I’m the very first part of the episode, so you don’t even need to fast-forward.

I notice, when I actually listen to myself after the fact, that I talk A LOT.  Like… rambling, ranting ten minute answers.  I need to work on that, methinks.

Loading… with TTH.

Because sometimes I do interviews where I DON’T get asked about when the Open Beta starts, here’s a nice fluff piece over at Ten Ton Hammer (scroll down).

Peel those eyes, folks.

Jeff, Paul, Adam, Destin and I did a conference call last night with a large number of fan sites, news sites, etc. As usual, we behaved terribly, driving our poor PR liaison Eddiemae insane and rambling for five minutes at a time, but I think the reporters enjoyed it.

I’m not sure when or how exactly it’ll all come out, but be on the look out for coverage in the coming days.

[EDIT] Vid (wisely) asked for a list of sites that were in attendance.  I may have missed one or two, but this is the list I jotted down during the roll-call last night:

Read more

Logitech Interview

I did an interview with Logitech – the mouse-n-keyboard folks.

Apparently, Marketing cut out the part where I shamelessly begged for freebies, which was probably the right call.

I think the sidebar quote about the Logitech® G9 Laser Mouse counts as my first-ever celebrity endorsement.


Ten Ton Hammer interview

As promised, here’s the write up of the interview Lance and I did with Garrett from TTH at the recent EA Press event.

Pwned Radio interview (featuring THE HICKMAN).

Jeff and I made an appearance on the “Pwned Radio” show on 97.1 FM in Detroit over the weekend. You can check it out here. It was a lot of fun, even if the slight delay confused us and caused Jeff and I to talk over each other every now and then.

Apparently, you guys nearly overwhelmed them with questions running up to the interview. Hehe.

EDGE/Next Gen interview

Here’s an interview I did a couple of weeks ago with EDGE/Next gen. They chopped it up into three parts, presumably because I was so exciting that they had total faith in my ability to command return-readership:

Part one
Part two
Part three

Standard caveat:  As with any interview I do over the phone, some words and phrases tend to get a tad jumbled when the transcription if finalized.  There are a few areas in this interview where mistakes in the transcript make my responses seem a bit wonky, so just be aware.  Ditto for typos and such.

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