Somehow, I managed to forget to draw your attention to the fact that I am now – officially – a rock deity:

From WAR-Misc

That’s a picture of our office “garage band” – The Hamtouchers – hanging out with members of Blue Öyster Cult (they of “More Cowbell” fame) in our local recording studio.

Why, you ask?

Because we were recording a track together. An EPIC track. A track dedicated to Warhammer’s Slayers (newly added to Warhammer Online).

You can download it here, but be warned – it may melt your face off with ALL THE AWESOME.


Evil Avatar Radio.

I called in last night to talk to the EAR crew.  I’m the very first part of the episode, so you don’t even need to fast-forward.

I notice, when I actually listen to myself after the fact, that I talk A LOT.  Like… rambling, ranting ten minute answers.  I need to work on that, methinks.

BigCast Pax ’08 – with Jeff/Paul/Josh

Jeff, Paul and I  did a podcast with the guys from Joystiq/Big Download at PAX.  It was late in the day, we were all still on Leipzig time (nine hours ahead of Seattle), we hadn’t eaten and then our heroic PR handler Chris brought us bourbon, so we were all a bit… um… surly.  We don’t talk much Warhammer at all, but we DO mock each other relentlessly, brag about our Olde School arcade skills, rant about Germany, bemoan the state of things in the world of gaming shows and delve into such sensitive subjects as girl gaming and the quality of Bacon Salt.  And we spew profanity randomly.

As such:

NSFW Warning: Naughty language within.

So if you’re looking for 50 minutes of bourbon-fueled rage, this is the podcast for you!  As always, leave comments on the host-site so they know we’re famous and that you love us a lot.

Also, regarding the Bacon Salt thing, we were handed little packets on our way our of the show that night and they were filled with .  I became fixated with the near-poetic labeling on the back of the package.  So, that’s what you keep hearing me read at random times.

Peel those eyes, folks.

Jeff, Paul, Adam, Destin and I did a conference call last night with a large number of fan sites, news sites, etc. As usual, we behaved terribly, driving our poor PR liaison Eddiemae insane and rambling for five minutes at a time, but I think the reporters enjoyed it.

I’m not sure when or how exactly it’ll all come out, but be on the look out for coverage in the coming days.

[EDIT] Vid (wisely) asked for a list of sites that were in attendance.  I may have missed one or two, but this is the list I jotted down during the roll-call last night:

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The high point of my week is…


Absolutely fantastic.  The Hickman loves it too!

Pwned Radio interview (featuring THE HICKMAN).

Jeff and I made an appearance on the “Pwned Radio” show on 97.1 FM in Detroit over the weekend. You can check it out here. It was a lot of fun, even if the slight delay confused us and caused Jeff and I to talk over each other every now and then.

Apparently, you guys nearly overwhelmed them with questions running up to the interview. Hehe.

Paul “The Mastermind” Barnett in Geneva

Paul’s off giving a speech at the LIFT ’08 convention in Switzerland. This afternoon, he wound up on a Swiss radio show (though the host sounds oddly Australian-ish to my American ears). Anywho, here he is, entertaining the neutral and ranting about Warhammer:

The guest afterward is included as well because… well… I’m too lazy to edit the audio any further.

Interview: MMO Gamer

Here’s an interview I did at E for All in Los Angeles a couple of weeks ago with Steve Crews from The MMO Gamer – who I apparently disappointed greatly by not being terribly long-winded via email.

Ten Ton Hammer Podcast

Check out this week’s podcast over at Ten Ton Hammer, featuring your’s truly.  Bonus fun drinking game – take a drink every time I say the word “fundamentally!”

Reminder to the TTH guys: I want one of the new black and gold shirts (as does The Hickman).