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Oscar Predictions

Just under the wire, here are my predictions for this year: Actor in a leading role Who should win: Colin Firth Who will win: Colin Firth Actor in a supporting role Who should win: Geoffrey Rush Who will win: Geoffrey

Butterfly dreams and Dark Cities – A review of Inception

Spoiler-free review: Inception is a very good film. If you’re one of the handful of people who haven’t seen it yet, you should make time to do so. It’s well-acted, tightly-directed and provides a story that unfolds in a generally

LOST thoughts.

Consider this your obligatory spoiler warning.  Proceed at your own risk.

A note to Roger Ebert on art and video games.

I love Roger Ebert.  He is, in my view, not only the finest film critic of all time but also a tremendous social critic, political gad-fly and general Fan of Life Well-Lived whose stories and commentaries on everything from rice-cookers

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Somehow, I managed to forget to draw your attention to the fact that I am now – officially – a rock deity: From WAR-Misc That’s a picture of our office “garage band” – The Hamtouchers – hanging out with members

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“Hamtoucher!” – The Music Video

WAR on G4

We’re on the MMO Report!    

Evil Avatar Radio.

I called in last night to talk to the EAR crew.  I’m the very first part of the episode, so you don’t even need to fast-forward. I notice, when I actually listen to myself after the fact, that I talk

What does WAR mean to you?

This is GREAT: What does WAR mean to you? from Stone Falcon Productions on Vimeo.

BigCast Pax ’08 – with Jeff/Paul/Josh

Jeff, Paul and I  did a podcast with the guys from Joystiq/Big Download at PAX.  It was late in the day, we were all still on Leipzig time (nine hours ahead of Seattle), we hadn’t eaten and then our heroic