Second Chance Heroes has (finally) launched!

Second Chance Heroes (aka “That Thing I Was Doing in Alabama”) has finally launched!  For iOS devices, at least.

The Mac/PC version continues to wallow in the unmitigated awfulness of the Steam Greenlight process, where it’s been stuck for nearly a year, but at least it’s playable for SOME folks now!

It’s  free  99¢* so if you’ve got an iPad (2 or newer) or an iPhone (4s or newer), you should give it a shot (and yes, that is your Humble Host pitch-hitting as the voice of a few characters).  And when it eventually comes out for PC/Mac, you should play it again, because it will be super-awesome at Glorious Properly High Resolutions.

So far, the response has been pretty much universally positive.

We’re on the front page of the iTunes App Store for Best New Games:



Our overall app rating withing iTunes is 4 1/2 stars (out of 5).

Our Metacritic rating is currently sitting at 84%.

Players’ main comments appear to be a combination of “this is how free to play games should be” and “I wish you’d just let me buy this outright”, which is a fair enough point.  Other than that, they love how it looks, love how it plays and seem to enjoy the puns (THE WONDERFUL PUNS) I fought endlessly to include.

But my favorite moments so far are probably these two player reviews:

“I like this game because it reminds me of my past life when I was a centaur.  Thank you for letting me be myself. – 5 stars”


“Initially I grabbed it because of the multiplayer but honestly it’s a passel of fun all by its lonesome.”

Henceforth, fun shall be measured EXCLUSIVELY in passels.


* [UPDATE: 2/23/14]  After a week on the market, “free with gentle IAP” apparently wasn’t cutting it revenue-wise.  As a result, the game is now 99¢, with even-cheaper IAP options.  The RCS crew posted an explanation here.  

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