Fan site hunting.

I’m trying to make sure that as many of the WAR fan sites out there as possible are on my radar.  If you run a WAR-specific fan site, blog, Paul Barnett slash fiction archive, etc. please post a link to it in the comments so I can be sure to check it out.

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  1. Ahamix says:

    Hey Josh I saw your post. is a Warhammer Online news/information site with a Chaos focus.

  2. waaaghblog says:

    Hey Josh – since you just posted a comment on my blog (thanks for visiting, by the way!), I’ll assume I’ve made it to your gilded list.

    I do have a question about doing future WAR promotions/contests and interviews, and your company is pretty hard to contact. Could you drop me a line sometime? I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

  3. Vid says:

    Do WAR related projects such as my Firefox theme count? I currently have a thread on Warhammer Alliance that I update regularly about its progress. Also I’ve been thinking about creating my own WAR related blog and if I do I’ll be providing updates for it there as well.

    Any way here is the link for to the Warhammer Alliance thread if anyone is interested about it.

  4. Josh says:

    Hehe. Arkane is stealing everyone’s thunder!

    Vid – I’m literally just keeping an eye out for new sites I may be missing. I’ve been watching your thread for a while now. 🙂

  5. Snafzg says: is the place I call home.

  6. Dave says:

    And my proud creation is 🙂

  7. sardar says:

    here you are ( italy country ):

    forum on

    and a fansite on

    yes they are italian, but oh well for the glory of information.. do as you wish

  8. Romeo Knight says:

    Hi Josh,

    Here is the url of the French WAR Fansite JeuxOnLine : . We deliver some “made in Jol” articles time to time written in both French and English. So if you want to have a look, you are welcome!

    Our forums :

  9. Keen says:

    It’s more of a blog but I’m your #1 Fanboy. 😛

    (Lots of AoC talk lately but it’ll subside here soon.)

  10. Orlock says:

    well we have been listed by Arkane under however we are also at (the mmogeek one might turn into something else at some point, we aren’t sure LOL)

  11. bleak says:

    Hi There!

    I run a small WAR website called
    Nothing fancy just WAR 🙂


    Ps. Nice blog Mr Dresher

  12. Flimgoblin says:

    Freddyshouse Warhammer forums are fairly active for the english-speaking euros:

  13. WarP-Matt says:

    Hi, I am Matt from – I think we are worth watching. : )
    We are a german Warhammer Community-Fansite.

  14. SonicBorg says:

    i wouldnt say that freddyshouse is active. kinda more dead, and not being well admin’d or looked after.

    We do need a more prominant euro community IMO though. Although one is forming on irc.quakenet under #war.europe (and #warhammeronline)

  15. CyberVic says:

    I’ve been blogging since 2005 and a leader of an MMO guild for 2 years now. I blog about the MMO I play a lot (see all the posts I made about Tabula Rasa, lol). Anyhow, my guild is fully comitted to WAR and we’ve all got our collectors editions.

    Guild: ttp://

  16. Kopeli says:

    Here is the First Greek Warhammer Online Fan site.

  17. CyberVic says:

    I’ve been making more and more Warhammer specific posts on my blog so I setup a sub category specifically for WAR on my blog. So you can link to that specifically as a WAR focused blog:

  18. darkrage says:

    Here’s my fansite / blog at

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